Skype Fraud Notice

Skype Fraud Notice

I noticed today that someone has been using my Skype account to make calls to Malaysia or Indonesia (can’t really tell) on October 16, 2011. I had 9 dollars of SkypeOut credit, which was used up, and then a SkypeOut credit purchase was attempted using an unknown credit card. I changed the password to something longer and contacted customer support.

I just spent a couple hours reviewing online accounts, financials, security settings, and ensuring that passwords across services are different. The other breach I experienced recently was with my old Yahoo account, which I hadn’t touched in years, where someone was chatting with people I knew; one of them became suspicious and contacted me via email to make sure it was me. On the off-chance that someone was impersonating me on my Skype account, I’m putting this notice up.

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    Dave Seah 12 years ago

    UPDATE: After seeing some additional unexpected ads pop up when clicking on links, I decided to reinstall the operating system and applications in case something DID sneak through the anti-virus. There had been some cruft in the OS that had been bugging me anyway.