Hanging Out with Singer-Songwriter Amy Petty

Hanging Out with Singer-Songwriter Amy Petty

Yesterday my buddy Sid Ceaser and I recorded our 29th podcast featuring special guest Amy Petty. Amy loved music as a child, and pursued operatic singing and classical voice because she “could make that sound”; it seemed a waste not to use it. Over time, though, she discovered what she really loved, and her voice became her own. It’s a wonderful 34 minutes of Amy’s music and conversation. I was extremely happy to be there…Amy has a voice that makes me weep, but being in the same room as her is all about joy.


  1. Yvonne Root 13 years ago

    Because you mentioned the length of time this episode would take I waited until today to listen in hopes of being uninterrupted while I listened. It worked. And, boy, am I glad.

    The music is marvelous, the interview quite well done and my morning break has been a happy one.

    Thanks Dave and Sid. And, of course, Wow Amy! Wonderful.

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 13 years ago

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, Yvonne! I’ll pass it along to Sid and Amy :)