Kickoff: Development Testbed

Kickoff: Development Testbed

"Project Testbed" SUMMARY: Establishing the project scope and specifications in broad strokes. Setting up the development environment.

Picking off from where I left off last…the new project codename is second. It’s a nice ambiguous name is vaguely time- and priority-related. Administrative tasks gotten out of the way:

  • Set up new WP install at
  • Set up initial local project folders and structures
  • Create SVN repo, commit local (empty) folders
  • Checkout SVN repo
  • Download “twentyeleven” theme
  • Setup child theme based on twentyeleven by creating new folder twentyeleven-second with a new style.css that imports the parent stylesheet.
  • Commit theme and empty child theme

That gets me to the blank slate point of development: a running template framework and database with a fairly well-defined set of built-in features with the APIs to manage them. Specifically, WordPress offers me:

  • A template hierarchy with a documented execution path
  • APIs for various text processing and database access
  • Pre-loaded jQuery library
  • Methods for enqueuing other scripts and stylesheets using dependencies

I’m not sure if WordPress is really suitable to use for hosting web applications, but I’m already somewhat familiar with its internals, and learning more about them wouldn’t be a bad thing.