2011-0823 Tuesday

2011-0823 Tuesday

SUMMARY: A day that didn’t go as planned in most respects, but was insight-generating! Productive in an non-planned way.

Up at 730AM, with some difficulty. I wrote about this in the Low Dopamine? post.

0900 to 0930: Drive to Salem, but the 10AM meeting was cancelled so I rerouted to a nearby coffee shop in Bedford, MA.
0930 to 1100: Chilled out at Starbucks until 1100AM, when I had to continue the drive to Danvers for my haircut at 11:30.
1100 to 1200: Drive to haircut, haircut.
1200 to 1230: Drive home, the long way, from Danvers. Stopped by Richardson’s Ice Cream.
1230 to 1345: Drive to Starbucks near home. Thinking madly the entire time, to try to burn off excess sugar with pure mental overclocking.
1345 to 1515: At Starbucks, writing up thoughts on the mental overclocking, responding to mail, and so forth. Poked some projects along.

I’m back home now, and had about 1 quarter teaspoon of sugar + water to see if it revived the brain, which is tired. I’m yawning. I may have another quarter teaspoon and see if that helps. I am feeling mentally exhausted.

1515 to 1530: Conked out in chair for about 20 minutes, after ingesting second cup of sugar water. Still feeling tired, but it might be due to disinterest in starting a programming project. I will force myself to spend 15 minutes on it, at least writing up what I’m going to do.
1530 to 1615: Did some investigation of brain function and the effect of napping.
1615 to 1730: Client Video Call

I probably should eat something. But WHAT? Then I need to look at some code stuff, at least 15-minute chunks.

1730 to 1900: Ran to Home Depot to buy some brackets and space-filling glue to try to fix my door frame screen, plus a cool frame vise. Also got some chicken from the supermarket, and some more italian ice (raspberry lemonade).

1900 to 2300: Hung out on STO while writing up some character bio information in a terrible third-party forum system. Well, it’s not so terrible, but there’s some kind of cookie conflict with their setup.

So much for looking at code. An interesting thing, though, is that I found that I couldn’t push my brain speed the way I had earlier in the afternoon, when I had eaten all that sugar. Is sugar necessary for flooring it mentally and zooming ahead?