Power-Generating Paper

Power-Generating Paper

Just read that researchers have created paper that can harness the electromagnetic spectrum using some kind of inkjet-printable nanoparticles. The day I can make self-powered e-ink paper tracking systems perhaps is coming a little sooner than I thought :)

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  1. Yvonne Root 13 years ago

    OH David, LOL

    Being much like the Bear of Little Brain myself, I couldn’t figure out what in the world the nanoparticles or any of that other stuff was, what it could do in my future, or if we were saving or destroying forests with the technology. :-)

    Give me a low-tech rollerball and a high-tech piece of paper — yes, high-tech — see http://www.wipapercouncil.org/process.htm and I can make those funny little designs too.

    Maybe I should use a pencil. But then no one can make a pencil, right?