New Blog Sections Underway

I spent quite a bit of time this weekend burrowing out a larger website, adapting my old SeahTwentyTen and CleanrAgenceum WordPress themes to work with the new structure. I moved all my main website development into source control too, using Subversion. I also soft-launched to use the “Cheap Websites” template (thus successfully eating my own dogfood). It has been a very busy and productive weekend, although I didn’t get to see the sun very much. Tradeoffs, tradeoffs.

All this extra web infrastructure is designed to make it easier for me to write a lot more, on the theory that the more I write and share, the more motivated I get. I have avoided following-through with this for years because I didn’t want to clutter-up the main blog with voluminous daily chatter, and it wasn’t clear to me how best to do it until last week.

The next step is moving old content into the new sub-blogs, which will help concentrate the topical material into a more concentrated, browseable form. There is no automatic way to do this, so it will take a bit of time to develop that process. In the meantime there are two sub-blogs available: the old Agenceum Design Agency blog, and the brand-new “Stream of Consciousness” journal where I am keeping much of my raw thinking as it happens. I’m not sure if it will be of interest to anyone except me, but you are welcome to peek.

Now that the system is in place, I am hoping is that the main blog will become more of a relaxed, general-audience fun space. We shall see! It’s all a work in progress :)