2011-0731 Sunday

2011-0731 Sunday

Today is a good example of a day without a set direction.

Habits that I’ve tagged as “bad” have been abundant:

  • Didn’t go to sleep particularly early (bad)
  • Lolled in bed until 930AM (bad, but still pretty early compared to my old cycle)
  • Woke up, fed the cats, put in contact lenses (good) instead of wearing out-of-prescription glasses (bad)
  • Didn’t eat anything (bad)
  • Turned on the computer (bad) and surfed randomly (bad)
  • Didn’t get out of the house before noon (bad)

However, since I got up relatively early, it’s only noon instead of 4PM. That gives me some time to recover. I’m going to grab my stuff and head out to Starbucks and do some weekly review.

In the meantime, looking at my browser history, I have done the following:

  • 1030 to 1115: updated some other journal and design posts (hey, productive), answered emails
  • 1115 to 1130: Facebook -> looked into various DIY standing desks, Tower Heist
  • 1130 to 1200: Boing Boing -> digital piracy, various articles
  • 1200 to 1215: Look into turnbuckles as tensioning system
  • 1215 to 1230: Looked at shop.coolmaterial.com and looked up various products in the “tiny pen” department. Ordered cat litter.
  • 1230 to 1300: Writing up thoughts in this post, feeling sleepy.
  • 1300 to 1315: get packed, distracted by cool wallets on coolmateria.com. Add to list of places to surf.

The mix is about 45 minutes of process, to about an hour of surfing, of which half the time was related to making a desk. Another 15 minutes of that time was related to products that I think are interesting (small pens). The other 15 minutes was reading articles on the Internet that triggered my interest.

I got out of the house, eventually, to attend a board meeting, and we broke up around 415PM. I then drove for about 45 minutes, taking the long way home from Manchester. I cooked dinner, and vegged out / player Star Trek Online until about 12PM, which is far later than I should have gone to sleep.

Some thoughts during the day: am I falling out of the habit already? I had been concerned that it was the sheer novelty of the early-waking cycle that would keep me going for the first week.

Thoughts resume on Monday.