2011-0725 Monday

2011-0725 Monday

I got fed up tossing and turning, and decided to just get up at 530AM after about 3 hours of sleep.

Immediately went to the kitchen and made some coffee, which I sipped as I prepared a hearty breakfast of corned beef hash, scrambled eggs, sausage, and toasted oatmeal bread with butter. Fed the cats. Did the dishes. DID NOT TURN ON THE COMPUTER. My morning goal was to start working immediately on client work, for at least a couple of hours, without checking email or Facebook or the usual junk.

Got to Starbucks around 630AM, and worked until 845AM moving some custom code from an old WordPress template project to the new fancy one. I documented the functions and contemplated the best approach to integration after gathering the pertinent function calls and references into my basecamp dev journal, which is a running monologue of what I’m doing. It helps keep me focused, and I think clients like to know its there even if they aren’t reading it every day. I also use this to keep my backup time log.

At 845AM I also decided to take a break. The Windows 7 side of the Mac is rebooting, having freshly installed a new copy of TortoiseSVN (a source control utility) so I can update that side of the installation.

Doh, I am missing a file I wanted to uploaded, the results of yesterday’s deviation into personal poster making. That’s my next bit of work for the morning: doing a quick blog post.

Just spent 15 minutes dealing with stupid Windows 7 sluggishness under Parallels. It’s unbelievably slow compared to running native, but at least it works. I wonder how a quad-core hyperthreaded i7 MacBookPro would deal with it. Mmm.

0900 to 1030, prepared a blog post (time flies!) about the graphic I made on Sunday. I took a new photo of my notebook to accompany it, and also included a blown-up copy of the logo.

1030 to 1100, posted “new blog” notices to Twitter, my David Seah Dot Com Facebook Page, and images to Flickr.

1100 just reviewed my calendar, email, and Wunderlist. It was surprisingly quick…just about 10 minutes. I’m going to head home now, as I’ve been standing at Starbucks at the counter since 630…some 4.5 hours. I’ve knocked two major things off my list: client work, and blog post, plus promotion, and handled my email list. What I’m missing, though, is a long-term plan to look at. I guess that actually is the WunderList, currently. I need to identify a project that will be the subject of a 3-day sprint. Probably it will be the gun safety poster.

1100 to 1215: Cooked lunch, ate, checked email, surfed the news sites for a bit. It’s 1215 now and I’m fighting the urge to sleep. My focus is very weak, as is my ability to get up. Going to set alarm for 30 minutes and see if that helps. This wave of sleepiness seems to happen a lot. I have thought that sometimes it is reluctance to start a length progress, manifesting in disinterest masking as sleepiness. Today, though, I am legitimately tired from lack of sleep.

1215 to 1430: NAP. 30 minutes was not sufficient. Mental clarity restored to about 70%, I’d say. Good enough to do some more work.

1430 to 1445: Make coffee, putter. Move around.

1445 to 1515: Still puttering. Caught up on Colleen’s 50×50 extravaganza! Decided to pour coffee with ice into blender and cold-ify it. It occurs to me that this would be a good time to go to the gym to wake up.

The thought of the hour: what to do next. My mind is still feeling a little floaty, so this would be the opportune time to look at something like a LIST of what to do. Any list, really. The last list I wrote is from this morning, so I’ll look at that and put in another hour on work. But I need TUNES. I suppose I should install iTunes on the main computer at some point, so I will do this now. Sort of a procrastination move on my part, but the electronica I have in mind might help get a beat going. It occurs to me that one good thing about Starbucks is that there’s noise and rhythm, both from the people and from the music that’s playing.

Noting: how scattered my writing is right now. Brain is definitely not firing on all cylinders.

1515 to 1615: Installing iTunes 64bit for Windows 7. Purposefully not installing the Apple Updater, because it’s junk and has never works right anyway. Well, iTunes failed to install. Downloading it again to make sure it is the 64bit version, and this time I’m getting a different installer. Hm. Oops, I downloaded 10.3.1, not the current 10.4. Reinstalled with some workarounds, and it now runs. Apple’s installer is not configured right either. Attempted to install Wunderlist 1.2.2. CRASH. The installer is incorrectly configured. Bad day for Mac-centric software companies writing crap Windows installers. An hour wasted. But this falls under goof time, of which there is a 4-hour buffer. Still…

1630: We’ve got TUNES. Finally. Sheesh. Switching to work: video integration

1630 to 1830: Implemented some WordPress custom loopery for client theme, and discovered bug on WordPress Codex Page that I spent time fixing. Sigh.

1830 onward: Goof-off time. Dinner, STO, and desert waffles. Browsing. Feeling very tired. Bodes well for tonights sleep. Tomorrow I think I will not publish the log until it’s done and reviewed.