Weekly Version of Gantt-style Excel Graph Paper

My Gantt Weekly Chart V3 A couple of requests came in for a weekly version of the Gantt Excel spreadsheet. As it happens, I’d solved a similar problem a couple months ago when making the spreadsheets for my Groundhog Day Resolutions review day 3. So I dropped in the logic from those spreadsheets into the Gantt Excel spreadsheet, et voila! It is done!

Like my other Excel Gantt chart, it automatically calculates the dates and formats everything according automatically for you. You just fill in the grid yourself manually, pretending Excel is a big sheet of magic graph paper. Try changing the year in the upper left corner, and watch the dates update automagically. When you’re done, print it out (turn on “grid lines” for a more structured look), pass around copies at your next meeting and enjoy the admiring glances from your peers for being so damn organized.

I imagine that these would be good for sketching-out multiple high-level, week-by-week project dependencies in a way that the Compact Calendar does not, as you can see overlapping threads of work more easily. Keep in mind, though, that the spreadsheet does not do project management software stuff like calculate dependencies, handle shifts in schedule, and all that stuff. This spreadsheet is a quick-and-dirty sketching tool only.

Visit the Manual Gantt Charting In Excel page to download the new files. The new zip archive is listed at the end of the post as a separate download. You’ll need Excel 2007 or newer to use the new spreadsheet.