Nifty Hard-bound Mini ETP

Nifty Hard-bound Mini ETP

by Андрей Котковец Commenter Andrey Kotkovets made a hard-bound mini ETP (A5) journal, and posted a link with a few pictures on PicasaWeb. Cool! I love the red cover.


  1. Carsten 11 years ago

    The notebook looks great [envious] , did he print the etp sheets and then bind them or what?

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 11 years ago

    He wrote:

    Dave, I paid about 9$ for printing plus 15$ for delivery in Russia. Use online printing office (all in Russian)
  3. Ilze 11 years ago

    This makes me wish you worked with Moleskine and consulted them on their planner series… :)

  4. david 11 years ago


    I too would buy this over just a pad that you currently sell.