Four Stages of Logo Design

Four Stages of Logo Design

"Logo Sketches" I’m having a pretty good day. I have my checklists from yesterday (which I’ll post soon) and this got me through the morning with less fuss than usual. So I’m feeling ready to take on the first order of business for the day: design a logo. Yeah!

Oh wait, I’m stuck. I feel the resistances pile on. I haven’t even grabbed a notebook or popped Freehand up on my screen, and I’m already feeling half-defeated.

In times like these, it’s useful to remember the process, and since I’m being mindful of writing things down this week I’m going to say there are four stages of logo design that I go through.

  • Stage 1. I don’t know how it’s going to come out. It might suck.
  • Stage 2. Ok, THIS doesn’t suck so much. It could be BETTER, though.
  • Stage 3. Ok, that is getting somewhere. But it doesn’t really SING to me.
  • Stage 4. That’s not bad. But it’s MISSING something.

This post got LONG, and there’s more examples I’d like to add, so I’ve moved it to my upcoming reference area if you’re curious: Four Stages of Logo Design is the only way you can currently see it.

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  1. FamilyLifeBoat 11 years ago

    I know what you mean. I just wrote 120 page story of fanfic, I was surprised by how long it was. I reread it and it kinda sucks, but in a good way. Some sections really sing to me and other still need work. But it was a complete story and it works. Mostly what is left is polishing and editing.Just like logo design.