Contemplating an ETP Hardcover Journal

Contemplating an ETP Hardcover Journal

I’ve been using my beloved Cachet Classic Graphic 9×12 Sketchbook a lot, and found myself wishing that it had some pre-printed ETP grids in it just now. I then thought…why not make them? I certainly would like one. During the next print run, I might have to arrange for a few custom ones to be made. I wonder if anyone else would be interested in one.


  1. penny 11 years ago

    if you include page numbers, then depending on my budget, hopefully yes.

  2. Brian 11 years ago

    Depends on how much it costs, but I would almost certainly enjoy having something like that.

  3. Author
    Dave Seah 11 years ago

    Penny: Page numbers would be tough because it would require per-page impression, which would raise the price a lot for a short run. I’ll have to ask about it, though, to see how much.

    Brian: Will keep ya posted!

  4. Tim 11 years ago

    Make a version on Livescribe paper so i have an electronic copy of everything I write.

    That is something I would be interested in.

  5. widianto 11 years ago

    hi dave, i think you can price these pads at higher price for those who would want a special tweak to the pad, such as including their own name or logo and changing the design element a bit (colors, fonts, icons,…).

    you can also expand this custom-made etp pad with a myriad of options such as choosing the number of sheets/pad, choosing paper types, choosing etp cover type, etc.

    call it a “custom-made etp pad just for you.”

    what do you think?:)

  6. Tom 11 years ago

    I would be interested. An A5 size version would be great, as well!

    • Christopher Weuve 11 years ago

      Another vote for an A5 version…

    • Simone 11 years ago

      Another vote, but softcover version

  7. Marty 11 years ago

    I would like to have such an item. I like the idea of having permanently bound records/notes. I have actually used bound lab notebooks (with grid pages) and hand-wrote in the times in order to use ETP format in my planning and documenting. Thanks for making me not only more productive, but, aloowing me to concentrate less on remembering past activities and more on future tasks.

  8. Author
    Dave Seah 11 years ago

    Tim: That would be pretty expensive to produce, unfortunately. I have a LiveScribe pen but never got around to using it extensively.

    Widianto: That’s an interesting idea. It would take a couple thousand bucks of investment, I think, to set it up in the way I’m thinking, but I’m not clear if anyone would buy it if I don’t create some kind of productivity system around the ETP. Will have to think about it.

    Tom: I’ll look into the A5 version when I price these out…thanks for reminding me!

    Marty: That’s exactly what I do too! I draw my own ETP form into a similar notebook.

  9. Andrey Kotkovets 11 years ago

    Hi, David

    thanks for your great planning staff, I use ETP for planning customer visits. When you published your mini-ETP I’ve decided to make it hardcovered That is it:

  10. Author
    Dave Seah 11 years ago

    Andrey: Wow, that’s really cool! How did you get it bound? Was it expensive?

    • Andrey Kotkovets 11 years ago

      Dave, I paid about 9$ for printing plus 15$ for delivery in Russia. Use online printing office (all in Russian)