Attending PAX EAST 2011

Attending PAX EAST 2011

I’ll be heading down to Boston for two days, maybe three, for the East Coast edition of PAX. It’s a public video game convention founded by the two guys who make the enormously-popular video game webcomic Penny Arcade. For once I’m going to not bring any computers with me. I’ll just have the iPod Touch, which doesn’t count. Does it?


  1. Have fun at PAX East. I’ll stay mum on what exactly an Ipad is considered… other than another screen to stare at.

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    Dave Seah 13 years ago

    Thanks! It was an interesting con…will see if I have anything to write about it later.

    You managed to not actually stay mum about the iPad, so I get to comment on it :) I currently have a tiny iPod Touch, not the iPad. I’m finding the iPod Touch to be really less useful than I’d like. I think the iPad could replace several other surfaces I use for information when I’m doing field research or travelling away from home, so I’m very intrigued by it.