Two-Packs of ETP Pads

Emergent Task Planner 2-Pack A few weeks I go I had one of those FACE PALM moments: if I want to sell two-of-a-kind, I save money by packaging them together. I’d run a promotion over the holiday season selling two for 20% off the total price, just to see if sales would be affected. Sales did indeed go up, but Amazon charged me a pick-and-pack and handling fee for each individual pad. So, to further the experiment, I’ve created a new “shelf-keeping unit” (SKU) that consists of TWO ETP pads. That way, Amazon picks and handles two pads just once, and I can pass the savings down to the consumer. This also creates a decent incentive to buy more than one at a 20% discount, which increases volume sold, which is a good thing to do.

So if you’re thinking of buying more-than-one pad, check out the two-pack option on Amazon.