Glass Water Bottles (and a new section)

Glass Water Bottles (and a new section)

Takeya Glass Water Bottles I recently bought a couple of glass water bottles, and took some pictures of it with the new camera rig. Rather than post the review as a blog post, I’m putting it in a new section on the website for documenting techniques, reviews, and how-tos in an easy-to-browse format. The navigational structure isn’t yet there, but I’m hoping it will be a much friendlier browsing environment than the old wiki while also concentrating that delicious Google juice ;-)


  1. Julien 13 years ago

    This might be a stupid question, but don’t you have like mineral water in simple, easy to recycle plastic bottles in the US? Or does water only come in gallon tanks? Water like this comes shrink-wrapped in packs of 6 bottles in every supermarket in Germany for roughly 25 US cent a bottle. The plastic doesn’t alter the taste at all, but we also have glass bottles. But the US isn’t that familiar with the bottle crate iirc.

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 13 years ago

    Hey Julian,

    Not a stupid question at all. We do have bottled water as you describe. The price sounds approximately the same. I don’t like the taste, though…there is a slight taste of plastic to it. I’m not sure if it is the actual water that has picked up the taste, or if it’s just the smell of the plastic that taints the experience. The taste is like…imagine that someone made margarine with 10% machine oil, and added maybe a drop of it to a gallon of water. It is a slight unpleasantness that I am sensitive to.

    Also, the bottled water is not always mineral water from a natural spring. It is likely regular municipal tap water, which I can get out of my kitchen sink for practically free. The issue here is that the US adds chlorine to the water supply to make it potable (we are used to drinkable water right from our faucets, which I gather is not common in other countries), and it adds another slight taste. The chlorine can be filtered out by a charcoal filter, or you can let the water sit for four hours or so and it will dissipate by itself.

  3. Carl 13 years ago

    VERY nice photos, Dave!

  4. Julien 13 years ago

    Hi Dave,

    maybe the plastic they use in the US is different from the one over here. Water from plastic bottles tastes and smells the same as the water that comes in glass bottles.

    I remember the chlorine from when I was in the US. Over here you can drink the water from every tap without chlorine or a filter. We also sometimes have kitchen appliances to add gas to the tap water. It tastes ok and is totally safe, though the taste varies from town to town.

  5. Emily 13 years ago

    Cool! I’ll have to look for those, since you can never have too many water bottles. It’s plastic, but I really like my Kor One Hydration Vessel…attractive design, BPA free, no chemical taste, comfortable to drink from. The only downside is that these are a bit pricy, but a percentage of the sale will go to different charities depending on what color you choose.