2011 Task Order Up! Updates

2011 Task Order Up! Updates

"Task Progress Tracker" The sixth update of the year: the Task Order Up! Designed for use with a restaurant order check rail for “short order task tracking”, this year’s TOU is provided for the first time in 2 alternative colors.

New in 2011

Standard Form This is very similar to last year’s version of the form. If there’s a variant that you’d like to see, let me know, but in the meantime here’s what’s new:

  • I’ve dropped the year from the forms. As there are 21 variations of just this one form, I’m not too keen on updating it by hand every year.
  • I’ve replaced Helvetica Neue with the new official PCEO font, Proxima Nova Condensed.

  • New colors in addition to black and white: utility green and orange. They’re more subdued colors than I usually use, but are bright enough to stand out. You can now color-code your tasks if you wish :-)

  • Also new this year: A4 versions of the 3-Up standard template.

  • The 3×5″ index card versions are available in single (w/ 0.025″ bleed) 3- and 4-Up layouts for US Letter size only. However, you should be able to print them on A4 paper at 100% without losing any information. The 3-Up version is designed for use with an Avery template, whereas the 4-Up version is for DIY cutters.

  • The larger 4×6″ recipe card size is now available both as a single (no bleed) and 2-up format. This size is large enough to print on blank index cards directly, though I don’t really recommend it because of potential feeding and jamming issues.


p>For more information about the background of this form, you can always read the original post. Some people have told me in person that they’ve used the Task Order Up! for managing software tasks in a busy production environment.

If you’ve got a story about how you use the TOU, I’d love to hear about it.

Download the 2011 Task Order Up

» Visit the TOU Task Order Up! Home Page to download the latest versions.