Daily Form: Point Bounties!

At Starbucks A few gameplay-oriented refinements today occurred to me as I sat in the sun at Starbucks. In a word: bounties.

What’s New

January 21 Form I spent about 30 minutes going back through the week’s data and filling in the form on my printed sheet, and then transcribed the changes to the source Illustrator file. As I updated the sheets, some optimizations came to mind:

  • Bounties – Looking at what I didn’t get done yesterday on the “focus” part of the sheet, I thought that I should get a point bump if I cleared the list. 10 points! Big score! Finishing everything is a big deal! And then I applied the same thinking to items that are specifically listed in each silo; if you actually complete an item that’s listed, you get some points! Although I’m sticking to the 10 point max, there’s no reason why I couldn’t do more. What I especially like about bounties is that it introduces a second point-based play mechanism that rewards not just tasks, but also efficiency in doing them. And, it encourages you to scour areas of the form to find opportunities to optimize your approach for the day to score MORE points which, as the intended side-effect, mean that we are being more mindful about how we’re spending our time. One example: if you want to score the extra 10 points for clearing your queue for the day, you will be careful about not putting too much in there. At the same time, you want to make sure you have enough to do so you are scoring points for getting things done. It’s an interesting balance. And, it’s good game design: exploiting the natural human tendency to game the system for one’s own advantage is a powerful mechanism.

  • Color Coding – I dropped the color coding of the CGT bubbles on the bottom right. TOO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT. I can always skim the day logs to see what was what. Color coding just makes more busywork for updating the form. That would go away in an automated software version, but for me now…not necessary.

So those are today’s updates. I’m thinking more about what software platform would be ideal to develop a prototype, and although C# and Adobe AIR were intriguing me, I think I should just take a straight Web Application approach to this. I’ve been learning way too much about WordPress innards lately, and I’m developing an unwanted competency in CSS and PHP; might as well see what I can do with it! :)