Daily Form: Enhanced Points, Queue, Tracking

Day 3 Evolution Today’s update has a few refinements to add more tracking and logging features! For fun, I tried explaining them in this 5-minute screencast; get a behind-the-scenes peek at the form in its Adobe Illustrator shell.

Changes in today’s form variation (detailed further in this explanatory screencast):

  • I added some simple counter/trackers to the silo areas. There’s two examples: one for drinking water, and one for tracking sales.

  • I refined the way I’m annotating the point values for the daily accomplishments, using subscripted numbers instead of the horrible starbursts.

  • I added a “focus queue” line, which is sort of like the “three things to do today” area of the Emergent Task Planner

  • I added a “remember this” sticky, so I could put important things there to catch my eye. I can move it around.


p>The form continues to remain largely monochrome, since I’m printing this out on my laser printer. I am starting to also get a feel for how this would work as an application, should I build something based on it, though that is not a priority until I get the physical and digital product sales pipeline to the point where it can support me taking the time to do the development.

I just printed out the revision for today and am going to back-fill some of the data. It is starting to feel pretty good; I just have to make sure I’m looking at it often enough.

Incidentally, I am using my Excel Timesheet to supplement my record keeping for this form. The timesheet is the detailed event logger, and the MGT as the bigger-picture guidance tool.