Tuesday Staff Meeting

Tuesday Staff Meeting

My efforts have moved toward tweaking additional elements of the design.davidseah.com page. My strategy is now to have two separate design services: Agenceum (for low cost templated pages) and David Seah Investigative Design (DSID). I just made up the DSID acryonym, so I’m not sure I’ll keep it. The design site is actually a nice template that I could reuse.

I’ve also started making a new template for my blog, and as an exercise I drew out a layout quickly to see how fast I could convert it to css/html.

new layoutThe HTML-ized layout is in the Agenceum Public Web area as 07-seah3. This took a couple of hours to work out, and it generally worked as expected. There is a minor mystery as to the best way to layer background images, and under what conditions they “pass through”.

So it goes.

The next big advertising push will be to make a much simpler “Simple Web Sites” advertisement. I need to keep things VERY simple, and at the same time be VERY CLEAR about the limits of the template approach. There is some balance to strike. I have some advertising ideas on this, and will pursue it in the coming weeks.