Revamped Concrete Goals Tracker Progress

New CGT Design It’s amazing what a difference a day makes. After yesterday’s crawl through long-standing pools of my own procrastination juices and undoing some old mind tricks, I’m finding that “just making stuff” is a lot easier.

I’ve been working on the digital download version of the Concrete Goals Tracker today, which will be part of a “form kit” that I’m planning to sell. I’m still planning on offering the basic forms for free, but for the first time people will be able to buy source code and customized versions for nominal prices. I’m making some super-clean, easily-customizable Adobe Illustrator CS4 templates that use publicly-available Unicode fonts (the DejaVu family) so people don’t need to buy the Helvetica Neue family. I’m also drafting a license agreement, which is a surprisingly interesting exercise.

The most exciting thing about today’s progress is that I think I’ve crossed some kind of productivity threshold, at least in terms of having the right mentality and a system of principles that help drive it. I’ve tricked myself into action before, of course, but it seems different today. My guess is that it’s because I’ve identified a key self-limiting belief, and the non-productive energy that went resisting myself is gone. It’s too early to tell, of course, but I am seeing connections between the various systems I’ve been making that were not there before. And for the first time, I think I know how to orchestrate all these interactions in a way that keeps me lightly in command of possibility, as opposed to being enslaved by it.