What is “Jelly in Nashua” Co-working?

Every Friday I try to make it over to the Nashua Jelly, which is our local version of the nationwide co-working trend that started in NYC. If you have a regular job, you have no need of the Jelly, because you ALREADY have social interaction at work. Freelancers and the self-employed, however, often suffer from a deficiency in human contact as we toil in our basements and home offices. The Jelly is a way of regaining that contact and mixing up the routine; I find that it’s a great place to bounce ideas off other creative entrepreneurs in a relaxed environment, and I always leave feeling energized.

Editing Timeline To help promote our local Jelly, Elise at Studio 99 asked if I’d be interested in making our own video, since the NYC Jelly video portrays a different crowd than ours; we’re generally older and less tech-oriented. I shot about 20 minutes of interviews and 20 minutes of coverage, crossed my fingers, and then extracted about 3 minutes of material with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. This was the first time I worked with DV source from my camera, and I was surprised that Premiere didn’t crash on me ONCE. That made the editing process much more fun :)

I just posted the video on Viddler…enjoy!