Two Days in the Life of Dave

Jeff with Kat SUMMARY: Jeff Ngan, fellow blogger and online friend, pays me a surprise visit in my home town, and we confirm that yes, we are destined to be buddies.[equi]: A number of years ago I was looking through the latest round of inductees to the 9rules Network, then a growing community of blogs hand-picked by the people who ran it. I clicked past many of a site, impressed as always by the quality of content, but not particularly moved. That is, until I came across Jeff Ngan’s blog [Equivocality][equi]. I don’t quite remember exactly what it was that caught my eye; perhaps it was the carefully crafted prose or the meticulous attention to meaningful visual details, that caused me to read a little deeper. I was struck by the quiet power of the voice behind the writing. I’ve been a fan every since.

A few days ago, Jeff emails me that he’s coming to New Hampshire for some training on behalf of his company, and he recalled that I lived somewhere there. How far away did I live from Nashua, where his training was to take place? As it turns out, I live less than five miles from his hotel, so we got to spend some time hanging out in person, and I’m super glad that we got a chance to do so, because I was able to confirm what I suspected: we are destined to be friends. He’s detailed his experience in two photo-laden blog posts: New Hampshire Day 2 and New Hampshire Day 3, if you’d like to get a little glimpse into my world as seen through the mighty red-ringed lens of Jeff’s Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR.