Working on International Shipping for Emergent Task Planner Pads

Working on International Shipping for Emergent Task Planner Pads

SUMMARY: If you’re interested in ordering an Emergent Task Planner Pad from outside the United States, read this post and help me understand what you need.

A few people have mentioned that Amazon won’t ship my Emergent Task Planner Pads to their country. After looking into it some more, apparently I need to set up separate Amazon stores overseas, which seems to have hidden international tax and bank ramifications, which in turn makes me cautious. Thankfully, the way out appears to be the “multichannel fulfillment” option. I can still stay with Fulfillment by Amazon, but choose to have some orders fulfilled directly by myself. I’ve been talking to the local place that handles my public mail box, and they apparently can look up the shipping costs for any country by email and prepare all the paperwork in advance for international shipping.

I have about 70 units available to ship to non-US addresses, but first I need to know what countries are likely to request them. That way, I can set up international shipping options in Amazon’s order page (I think).

So if you have been trying to order pads, please leave a comment with your city and country, and I’ll prepare a 1, 3, and 5 package shipping estimate. Some countries are extremely expensive to ship to; one fellow who works at a bank in Saudi Arabia was shocked by the $70 minimum cost to shop a single $12.50 pad over there. Here’s the list of countries so far:

  • Canada (I’m surprised that FBA can’t ship directly there already, but apparently it’s always been like this)

If you live in these countries and happen to know anything about the best way to ship there, that would be very helpful. List yourself anyway, if you know whether a different shipping rate applies to you. Likewise, if you live outside the United States and have successfully ordered and had shipped one of the Emergent Task Planner Pads, please let me know!!! I need to figure out how you did it. I do know that certain items like books and media (movie DVDs, music CDs) can be shipped overseas, but the Emergent Task Planner Pads are classified as Office Supplies. I could reclassify them as books (which is how one company seems to be getting away with it), but I have a cumbersome desire to stay within the letter of my agreement with them. Hmm, I’ll have to look into making a “tear-out pages” version of the ETP pad next.

P.S. If you’ve ordered and received an ETP pad and have a few minutes, I’d really appreciate comments on any aspect of the experience: ordering, price, quality, printing, if you were surprised by anything, whether you’ve found it useful or not, etc. I’ve seen exactly 1 review on it, and could use some more feedback to tune the process! Thanks!


  1. Markus grönlund 14 years ago

    Please give an estimate for delivery to Sweden.

  2. paul 14 years ago

    I live in bahrain / work in saudi arabia (riyadh). Have a dhl box that ships from ohio to bahrain. I’ll gladly share the cost of shipping and drive stuff over for free (or a starbucks coffee, if you insist) to riyadh …

  3. paul 14 years ago

    sorry for the double post.
    not sure if the e-mail appears in the comments. If it doesn’t, David, i hope you don’t mind if readers reply through comments. Otherwise, just delete post.

  4. Edwin 14 years ago

    Amsterdam, Netherlands – But I have the idea that if you know the price for that, you probaly cover a whole lot of Western-Europe. Perhaps something like:
    * Belgium
    * Denmark
    * Finland
    * France
    * Germany
    * Italy
    * Netherlands
    * Norway
    * Portugal
    * Spain
    * Sweden
    * Switzerland
    (list copied from another int’l seller on

  5. Seraphim 14 years ago

    You’ve just become an exporter by shipping to overseas addresses.  You might want to be careful—there are all kinds of complex laws that govern exporting—which is probably why Amazon won’t do it for you.  There are some pretty severe regulations, depending on where you ship to. 

    I’m not saying there is necessarily any problem here.  Just be careful!  We wouldn’t want the creator of the Printable CEO to wind up in prison for violating some obscure law.

  6. Sandy 14 years ago

    If you’re thinking about selling your ETP in Europe, you should consider using the A4 format, though, like you have in your download area. I think the US format would not sell very well here.

  7. Noel 14 years ago

    UK – including Northern Ireland [a place where courier companies but not USPS/Royal Mail charge extra]

  8. Noel 14 years ago

    +1 for the UK [European?] A4 format: with 4 punch holes.

  9. Don 14 years ago

    London, UK

  10. Dave Seah 14 years ago

    I got a quote on shipping prices. I am rather shocked at the cost. Here’s the CHEAPEST prices, with no tracking:

    **For One Pad** at $12.50 roughly 2 pounds: In a padded mailer #5 (Cost included in shipments )

    * Canada: First class mail international $13.10.
    * England, Sweden, Germany: First Class mail International $25.15

    **For 2 pads** at $25.00 roughly 4 pounds: in box 12x9x6 with filler(price included in estimate)

    * Canada: First class mail international $31.10.
    * England, Sweden, Germany: First Class mail International $55.50

    **For 3 pads** at $37.50 roughly 6 pounds: in box 12x9x6 with filler(price included in estimate)

    * Canada: Priority mail international $49.55.
    * England, Sweden, Germany: Priority mail International $72.95

    **For 5 pads** at $50.00 roughly 9 pounds: in box 12x9x6 (price included in estimate)

    * Priority mail international $67.40
    * England, Sweden, Germany: Priority mail International $104.55

  11. Josette 14 years ago

    Is there a printing on demand gimmick in the European countries?  If the printing entity have licensing rights, then it’s not exporting, and that seems to be the rub here.  Receiving income in foreign funds is another issue entirely.  I’m just riffing here.

  12. Dave Seah 14 years ago

    Josette That’s a good thought…I don’t know! In the meantime, it’s looking too expensive to sell in Europe, unfortunately, without a selling partner based there.

  13. International Courrier 13 years ago

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