Tuesday Evening Staff Meeting

Tuesday Evening Staff Meeting

There hasn’t been much going on at Agenceum this week, though I am spending more time looking at C# and the .NET framework on an unrelated programming project.

One very cool new development, however, is that producing new web templates is much faster than before. This is due to having a fairly strong grasp on how to effectively use CSS to create the kinds of cross-browser compatible layouts that I typically need. As a result, I am feeling pretty comfortable with what I can make work. My rough CSS notes, collected over several months, have helped me grok what’s going on with the simple layouts I am using. At some point I will revisit them and reformat them into a cheat sheet / howto guide.

Current Push

There are a few areas that I can work on:

  • Creating the simple low-cost packages
  • Designing simple templates for specific kinds of entrepreneurs and artists
  • Distributing information about the packages to organizations that have members crying out for promotional websites.

This is all marketing. I am feeling the need to collect all these strands of effort into one tracking system that uses a simple formula to manage dozens of different marketing channels. I can feel the shape of it in my mind.