Tuesday Evening Staff Meeting

Tuesday Evening Staff Meeting

Goodness, I almost forgot to have the staff meeting! Here we go.


Chelsea’s website is live! We also have a new $500 Photo Website Package, based on this same template and my buddy Sid’s portrait photography. The surprising thing to me was that I could repackage the exact same template and still feel I was delivering value; having three examples of the site helps. Sid’s photography also really helps make the package a great value. I am having 35 two-sided flyers printed with the information on the photo website package, which cost me about $20 including shipping from Idaho. Not a bad price at all, though I’m taking a gamble on quality.

Also, reconnected with two other website projects. The first of these projects is a design/education project, really. I just passed the HTML files onward and provided some guidance. The second of these projects is for Mark’s more traditional business website, and we’re waiting on content. I got some excellent feedback about what would be helpful in this case: examples of how to write content for a small business, and how to find examples, etc. I was reminded that just knowing how to start is precious information!

I also have been evaluating Unify, the PHP application that allows easy editing of a static website without the need for a CMS or a database. Client Mark gave it a try, and he liked what he could do with it, so that’s a big relief.


I’m trying to close down as many open projects as possible, so I can launch the next round of packaging. Based on Mark and Chelsea’s feedback, the package concept is attractive. I may even be able to raise the price, which would be good because every client is going to need additional design and content guidance, and this extra time needs to be taken into account.

There’s quite a bit of support material to write, and a lot of it can be streamlined further and included in the package. I would say the next immediate production plan would be to create several examples of the “business template” that are attractive and easy to understand. Then, I can create a second sell-sheet. Again, this can be very simple.

Next, packaging the design services is next. I’d prefer, actually, to outsource this to other designers, so I’ll keep a lookout for interested parties.