Tuesday Evening Staff Meeting

Tuesday Evening Staff Meeting

So here we are again on Tuesday. I’m making it a quick status meeting because I have another meeting tonight.

Old Business

Several client projects are finishing up. Even small projects take a few weeks to complete. Sometimes this is due to my availability, and sometimes it is due to the client. This may be a necessary condition to take into account when dealing with people who are just starting their web presences. There’s a lot to learn not only about the Web, but about Internet-based marketing and personal branding.

I’ve started to finalize some illustration for a lion logo. It’s been a while since I’ve had to do this, but I’m finding that Freehand is again superior for pure drawing and shape-making compared to de-facto industry standard Illustrator. Just sayin’.

New Business

An interesting lesson from the past week is that the number of templates I need is actually quite few. I will have four examples of people using the same template, and people don’t seem to mind. One nice thing about this template is that it’s designed to work with the photography that my buddy Sid is providing to his client; that suggests that a photo+website package is something we could offer. We have enough variety now to show that this particular website template is effective for what it does. It looks nice too.


I bought a license of Unify to try out on my staging subdomain. It’s $16.00. I have a few clients staged on the staging subdomain, so I’ll be able to evaluate its ease of use for editing content, without requiring a database or blog backend. I’m also planning on continuing to look at CodeIgniter, WordPress, and CushyCMS as possible solutions and/or development platforms.


That’s all for now! This is a finish week, closing off as many projects as possible, and perhaps launching some new ones.