Task Progress Tracker 2010 Updates

Task Progress Tracker 2010 Updates

Task Progress Tracker

Project-level to-do list tracking

The Task Progress Tracker (or TPT) is a Project Task Manager, where “project” is loosely defined as a “set of related tasks”. The idea behind the TPT is to provide a methodology to break down a project into shorter-duration subtasks that take under 4 hours. The design of the form encourages estimate then track use of the same piece of paper; first you write down all the tasks, then you make your estimates, then you follow through. It’s like a To-Do list, except the forms also track effort made against each item, 15 minutes at a time.

The 2010 edition has had several cosmetic improvements to increase contrast when printing. The Power User Edition has been almost completely redesigned, using refined elements from some of the newer forms I’ve done.

Download 2010 Task Progress Tracker Printable Forms

For more information about the Task Progress Tracker, the original post has plenty to read. Enjoy!