Interview on “Two Geeks and a Girl”

I was recently on the Two Geeks and a Girl podcast hosted by Scott, Richard, and Julianne on the topic of User Interface in web development. It went up a few days ago, and you can hear me sputter and opine about some of my user interface philosophies. Check them out at Two Geeks and a Girl; they cover a broad range of web development and business topics.

On a side note, after recording this podcast and editing the podcasts I do with Sid, I’m really starting to get a good sense of my bad speech patterns :-) Slowing down, taking the time to formulate a sentence rather than restart it constantly, and perhaps opening my mouth wide might help! Perhaps I should do some solo podcasts just for practice. If someone would like to submit a question in the comments, any question at all, I’ll answer them in a microphone :-)