Intermittent Task Tracker 2010 Updates

Intermittent Task Tracker 2010 Updates

Intermittent Task Tracker

Project Management Index Cards

I’d forgotten about this old Task Order Up! (TOU) variation, the Intermittent Task Tracker (ITT). A reader just asked me about making an update, so I went back to my 2006 Form Variations Folder and found it again. I updated the typography a bit and have just posted it.

The basic idea behind this design is to keep all the details relevant to a project on a single 4×6 index card over the course of several days. The intended purpose was to handle projects that one intermittently worked on; these are things like auxiliary support projects that can’t be completed in a single day. An ongoing maintenance task is a good example of this. The TOU cards, by comparison, are really designed to handle a single task that can be completed in a block of continuous time.

The ITT card is also interesting in that it uses the Concrete Goals Tracker (CGT) point system. You could create an ITT card as an alternate way of logging what you’re getting accomplished that is in alignment with your overall goals. The focus of the ITT card, though, is on a kind of project; if this reduction of scope is useful for you, then maybe it will work out well.

This is the larger “recipe size” card, which happens to feed more reliably through my printer than smaller 3×5 cards.

Download the 2010 Intermittent Task Tracker Cards

Enjoy! For more information, visit the ITT Page.

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  1. Michał Parkoła 13 years ago

    Clean, functional design as always :)

    What tool(s) do you use to make these?