The Oatmeal Challenge

I was out with some friends tonight at Denny’s, after which I rather felt like I should eat something desperately healthy. So, I made a vow:

I am going to eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast every day for two weeks.

As challenges go, this one isn’t that earth-shaking, but I’m curious to see if I notice any change at all. My working theory is that ANY mindful change at all will yield personal insights; that is, if they are really are done mindfully and contemplatively. It helps that the idea of eating oatmeal every morning seems so boring and trivia that I am half-expecting nothing significant to be yielded at all. In fact, it’s almost a parody of the self-help empowerment process, which amuses me deeply. However, if I garner some kind of amazing epiphany from this exercise, I imagine that I will have to amend my model of what productivity is made of. And I will look forward to future exercises like a fortnight of watermelons and 1001 Macademian Nuts.

Any oatmeal-related facts, tips, or cautionary tales will be heartily appreciated!