Our Web Site Needs Design

Marketing has secured our domain name and server space for agenceum.com. Right now it’s just showing the default “you have a new server” page. We should put something there. Design guys, when you get a chance, but we need some time to define our marketing message so there’s no real hurry. We’re flying stealth right now, so let the people guess for now. It’s not like anyone’s going to just stumble upon the URL. In all of Google there’s just one occurrence of “agenceum”. We, so far, own this word. Booyah!

From what the latest business plan says, it looks like we’re initially targeting very small websites ranging from $50-$250 dollars to start priming the pump. We’re working up a profile based on individuals who are getting started with promoting themselves on the Internet, a very simple package that will be designed to make our clients feel in control and poised for expansion when they need it. Alleviating any fear is very important we think, based on our informal polling of area artists and musicians.