Monday Staff Meeting

Monday Staff Meeting

It’s now November 23, 2009. This is the third staff meeting, and from this I can get a sense of how much time I am realistically spending on Agenceum. But first, let’s see what I got done:

Last Week’s Goals, Continued

Bold are ones that got done. Italic designates in-progress.

  • Post descriptions on blog. [est design/implementation time: 6 hours?]
  • Create simple package for $50-$250 based on two designs. [est: 2 hours?]
  • Create marketing message / value proposition / benefit statement. [est time: 2 hours?]
  • Create simple advertisement poster.
  • Adapt poster to web for
  • Establish sales goals and metrics
  • Assemble a list of prospective local clients from friend network
  • Create “get the word out” checklist.
  • Consolidate backups onto archival DVDR and hard disks
  • Create basic Agenceum identity sytem; use this to bootstrap the identity offering.

Yep, not a lot of things on the checklist got done. What did get done, though are:

  • Logo Design [6 hours]
  • Simple Package Sell Sheet [4 hours or so]

The Sell Sheet embodies the marketing message / description aspects. However, I’m probably going to have to spend some time drawing up a better focusing worksheet. In my old workplace we put up a whiteboard with the list of weekly goals, and during breaks we’d go stare at it and figure out what we could do to make progress on them. Since I work in three different locations (coffee shops, Sid’s studio, and my home office), there is no single place where I can maintain the whiteboard. This blog is probably the closest thing to it, but it is inaccessible from the studio because we don’t have Internet there. I’d like to make a portable office command center out of folding medium density particle board; this might be a nice project to test out Ponoko, the online laser-cutting fabrication company.

Other Things Done

  • This was an unusually social week, with an out-of-town appointment scheduled almost every day. MURDER on productivity.
  • Reviewed quite a lot of simple CMS systems, as this will be a necessary component for easy-to-edit solutions for the low entry point clients. I am probably going to use WordPress as the base for blog-style sites, and ModX for simpler sites that don’t have the blog requirement. I also looked at SilverStripe, but it lacked that mystery snap that I look for in software (it would have been a cool introduction to Python, though). I also very quickly installed the Expression Engine 2.0 Beta (Kaylee), which is going to Release Candidate on December 1st, but this is way overkill for what Agenceum needs.
  • Thought quite a bit about the marketing plan and product positioning. The marketing plan is Word of Mouth currently using the materials I’m developing. Product positioning can be two levels: the $50-$250 “get started”, and the regular custom development starting at $1500-$2500. I need to work out the ala carte pricing though.
  • Attended a “Scrum Club” meeting, learning more about agile development methodologies (Kanban, specifically). I’m going to be trying to adapt Scrum to Agenceum’s practice.
  • Attending the November Board of Directors meeting for Float Left Labs. It’s very exciting to see Kelley start her non-profit business, and see the positive press it’s getting.

Things to be Mindful of This Week

  • Maintain focus on deliverable and tangible items on my list.
  • Try to schedule fewer social engagements.


  1. Logan Cox 11 years ago

    This is tangentially related to your thoughts on CMS choice, but I’ve been wondering: do you think providing custom templates and configuration for products like Google Sites fits in to your business model?

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 11 years ago

    Hi Logan!

    Maybe eventually that’s an option…I haven’t thought that far ahead! I’m thinking of using Google Apps for Domains, though, as a basic offering if people want mail. Running a mail server is no fun at all, so offloading it to Google Apps for Domains makes more sense. I believe that Google Sites is part of that, so it may go hand-in-hand.