World Domination 101.02: Global Yet Micro

SUMMARY: World domination? Seriously? Yes, seriously. It’s doable when you realize that a flexible definition of “World” puts it within your grasp. This is a self-inspirational post to focus my energies on planning very big for something that’s rather small.

“So,” some of you may be thinking, “Why world domination and not something more positive like world peace? The kind of stuff you write about usually isn’t about sending waves of jack-booted minions into blasted countries, cackling over the spread of your dominion. Or have we somehow missed this subtext?”

That’s an excellent point, if you did indeed think this, because the new world order I envision certainly has a place for YOU. And I mean that in an entirely benevolent way. Really!

I think where the mismatch may be occurring is the assumption that world domination is of a certain grand scale. Let me correct that impression; when I’m saying WORLD DOMINATION, I’m not talking about the entire planet. I’m not even talking about Switzerland. I’m really talking about MY OWN WORLD, because that’s the one I want to dominate. That means participating meaningfully and being a significant factor in all aspects of my world, which is actually fairly small. As I’ve said many times before, I really just want to hang out with conscientious, kind, self-empowered and positive-minded people. The purpose? TO MAKE SOMETHING THAT ANNIHILATES BOREDOM through FURIOUS ACTS of CREATION.

I was explaining the micro world domination theory to my friend Geri earlier this afternoon at Starbucks, and she commented that it sounded like I wanted to be a “big fish in a small pond.” I took but the briefest of instants to consider this before booming in my best Judge Dredd voice, “NO…I YAM THE POND!” Yes, I want to be the whole pond, the ecosystem that provides all for all fish. I would presume that if the fish didn’t like my pond-related policies, they could just move to another pond that suited them better.

As I was pondering these thoughts, it occurred to me that I’d read something similar to this before: Hugh MacLeod had written about establishing his global microbrand years ago, and in the time since then he’s becoming involved with other microbrands such as English tailors creating impeccable handmade $4000 suits and South African vintners with excellent $10 wines. And, as far as I can tell, he likes his life working with people who are doing exceptional things for non-exceptional reasons: to spend time every day with people you like and respect, changing the world a little piece at a time through conversation and action. If you haven’t read it before, you need to read MacLeod’s manifesto How to Be Creative over at ChangeThis. Or you can acquire an updated version of this, suitable for inspirational bathroom reading, in the form of his recent book Ignore Everybody. I got my copy yesterday, with my 30% off Border’s coupon, and I’ve already positioned the book, er, strategically for later reading. There is a remarkable balance between cynicism, blunt truth, and unbridled hope in MacLeod’s writing…I highly recommend it.

But back to micro world domination. There are two elements to this that are important to me. First, I want to be actively changing things for the better. I am kidding myself if I think I can change the entire world, but I can sure change one that I’m familiar with. Secondly, I want to be a big player in my micro world. Significant. Necessary. I think the truth of the matter is that we really don’t need to be concerned with the entirety of the universe when it really comes down to a few things to make us happy: to be with a few people we like, to be working together on things that we think are worthwhile, and to have enough resources for shelter and merry making, and the opportunity to learn from everything that comes across our path. But to get there, we have to work at it. That’s the kind of world domination I can get behind, and the very thought of it puts the crazy sparkle in my eye.

That said, I must admit to a certain fascination with secret bases, airports, monorails, energy weapons, and elements of “protocol”, but who doesn’t? These are the worldly pigments from which grand gestures are made, showing the world that there is a new power to be reckoned with. In our case, though, the power we will reckon with is our own, creating potential and unblocking the paths to our own fulfillment on an achievable scale. I think it’s grand that we just even try.

So with these thoughts in mind, the impetus behind my master planning has become clear. World domination, in the small, beckons!