Dave’s Video Interview on Viralogy Blog

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jun Loayza via Skype Video for the Viralogy blog, which is a kind of a “best blogs” social media aggregator. This was the first time I’d ever been interviewed on video, so I was all over the place with my responses. Jun, however, took out all those parts and produced a tightly edited video covering responses to these questions:

  • Before starting the blog, did you have the same philosophy of productivity and transparency?
  • How does your blog stand out from all of the other productivity blogs?
  • Do you have a system to your productivity?
  • What are some common misconceptions that people have about productivity and simplicity?
  • Tell me a bit about yourself outside of the blogging world
  • What makes you super passionate and excited?
  • What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

He also helpfully distills my responses into, as he interprets them, in his blog post. You can check out the video interview at his site or view it below:

Thanks Jun for the interview!