Day Grid Balancer: Draft 2 Progress

Week Grid Diagram I’ve been redesigning the prototype Day Grid Balancer based on the excellent feedback on draft 1. The overall consensus was that while the color and grid were very playful and attractive, their use as a day-to-day tool was limited. And confusing, because my categories don’t line up with other people’s categories. What seemed to work, though, was the idea of weekly balance. I guess the name of the form will have to change eventually, but the implication for right now is that this creates a LOT OF ROOM to play with on the left-hand side.

I was thinking of biorhythms, DNA spirals, and other patterns, so I drafted a version of the balance grid that, well, is kind of a mess but might give y’all some ideas in brainstorming an approach to make the thing work. I think there needs to be some kind of auxiliary marking within the grid itself, and some obvious place to leave notes, but I haven’t gotten that far ahead. I’m planning on printing this out and just scribbling it on it sometime to see if anything pops up.

Thoughts? Here’s a editable PDF file to play with, saved with Adobe Illustrator CS3. Creative Commons license applies, as before.