Inka Pen, 1.5 Years Later

Inka Pen Wear and Tear Back in late 2007 I bought myself an Inka pen, and have been carrying it in my front pants pocket practically every day since.

Every once in a while, I catch myself noticing that the pen still looks good, so I took some macro pictures of it to document how well it has aged. It doesn’t look that different from the time I noted my impressions when it was new.

Inka Pen Wear and Tear While it’s held up pretty well, the pen’s shininess has dulled slightly with use. There are a few small scratches from scraping against keys and coins in my pocket, which isn’t surprising since I keep it on my main key chain. So far, it has not malfunctioned or disappeared on me. There are even a few design details that had escaped me before; the machined metal tube has a small groove to catch the blue silicon o-ring that holds the pen in place. It’s still holding the pen securely in its metal sheath after all this time. And more amazingly, the tube hasn’t dented or bent in any way I can see. This is a quality product.

Inka Pen Wear and Tear The place I see the most wear is on the end-cap, where you can see a few dings in the plastic. This might be from when I use my teeth to hold the end of the pen when I’m scrambling to juggle numerous items in my hands. But it’s not objectionable. There is also some wear on the key chain ring holder, but I have not yet seen any cracking or other signs of imminent failure. And if it did, the Inka people have a lifetime mechanical warranty on their product.

Inka Pen Wear and Tear How it is writing with the pen? Well, it’s a little cramped if you don’t take the time to completely assemble it, and the feel of the ink isn’t going to beat a good rollerball or fountain pen. However, this is the pen that I always have, unless for some reason I don’t have my usual keys with me. And that has proven to be very convenient. Most things that stay in my pockets get destroyed fairly quickly—you should see the sad state of my Moleskine notebooks—but the Inka keeps on rockin’.

!@(images/09/0528-inka05.jpg:F popimg: “Inka Pen Ball Point”)