Networking and Sales Tracking 2010 Updates

Network Catch-o-Matic There are a couple of esoteric versions of the Concrete Goals Tracker that are specifically designed for sales people and networking efforts. I never really understood the point of cold networking, and I don’t really like to push myself on people, but when I have to I do have a particular process in mind. These two forms are designed to enforce that process from both the top-down and the bottom-up.

Top-Down: Network Catch-o-Matic

Network Catch-o-Matic The Network Catch-o-Matic (NCM) is the top-down tool for making connections and networking toward a lasting relationship. You start by making sure you are at least getting in front of as many people as you can in a week (here I am choosing 50 people, which is kind of arbitrary) for meaningful face time. The goal: some kind of collaboration. There are several steps one needs to go through to build up that relationship, and the NCM recognizes that there are fewer people passing through each subsequent stage. For more information about how it works, read the origin Makin’ Rain post.

Bottom-Up: Sales Habits

Sales Edition of Concrete Goals Tracker The Sales edition of the Concrete Goals Tracker is something I don’t think I released before, but it is based on the same principles of show people what you have and make impressions as a driving force. If people can’t see what you’re doing, and don’t have a way to remember to have a conversation with you, then your chances of landing a sale are pretty dim. The additional wrinkle in sales, IMHO, is to be able to tell when a prospect becomes interested, what piqued that interest, and for what reason. If you don’t keep these in mind, then your sales effort is scattered and essentially random.

The rationale behind this form design is more thoroughly explained in the original Concrete Goals Tracker articles.


» Download The Network Catch-o-Matic » filename: PCEO-NCM01-NetworkCatcher.pdf

» Download Concrete Goals Tracker: Sales Edition » filename: PCEO-CGT01-Sales.pdf