Compact Calendar 2009

For the latest version of the Compact Calendar, please go to

Download the 2009 Calendar Template


  1. Download using the link below, unzip the archive. In the Excel folder, you’ll see files named something like CompactCalendar.xlt. This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template.

  2. Double-click the file (Windows) and a new spreadsheet will be created based on the template.

  3. Print it out, or annotate the calendar within Excel. Again, I just print them out; you could make a fancier “production calendar” too and print that instead, if you’re that type of person.

  4. Optionally you can copy the .xlt file into your Microsoft Excel templates folder. This gives you the ability to create new calendars using Excel’s New Document command.

US Version



p>16-us.gif Download USA 2008 by Dave Seah
Includes Sun-Sat and Mon-Sun (w/ ISO8601 week numbers) versions in ZIP archive. You can also download the PDF Sun-Sat and PDF Mon-Sun versions too!

16-us.gif Download USA 2009 by Dave Seah
Includes Sun-Sat and Mon-Sun (w/ ISO8601 week numbers) versions in ZIP archive. You can also download the PDF Sun-Sat and PDF Mon-Sun versions too!

2009 International Calendars

If you’ve made a version of the Compact Calendar for your locale and would like to share, put it on a page on your own website and I’ll link it here! I no longer host other people’s files, because it puts the support burden on me to maintain them.

16-ar.gif Argentina 2009 via Jeroen Sangers

16-at.gif Austria 2009 by Ronald

16-au.gif Australia 2009 by Working Solo
16-au.gif Australia/NSW 2009 by Diane (direct file download)

16-ca.gif Canada 2009 by andryou

16-cl.gif Chile 2009 via Jeroen Sangers
16-cl.gif Chile 2009 by Gabriel

16-cn.gif China (PRC) 2009 by iWorm

16-co.gif Colombia 2009 via Jeroen Sangers

16-co.gif Colombia 2009 by Javier Ferrand

16-dk.gif Denmark 2009 by henrik

16-ec.gif Ecuador 2009 via Jeroen Sangers

16-ee.gif Estonia 2009 by Eero

16-fr.gif France 2009 by Tisseurdetoile

16-de.gif Germany 2009 by Lennart Groetzbach

16-gt.gif Guatemala 2009 via Jeroen Sangers

16-gr.gif Greece 2009 by Gerasimos Tsiamalos

16-hk.gif Hong Kong 2009 by Catus Lee

16-id.gif Indonesia 2009 by Eka

16-it.gif Italy 2009 by Luca Magnani
16-it.gif Italy 2009 by Strategie Vincenti

16-jp.gif Japan 2009 by Yoshiomi KURISU

16-ly.gif Libya 2009 by Dino

16-my.gif Malaysia 2009 by Fred

16-mx.gif Mexico 2009 via Jeroen Sangers

16-nl.gif Netherlands 2009 by Pieter

16-nz.gif New Zealand 2009 by Jon Pawley

16-pe.gif Peru 2009 via Jeroen Sangers

16-pe.gif Phillipines 2009 by Arvin Pedregosa

16-pl.gif Poland 2009 by Mizo
16-pl.gif Poland 2009 by Jaason

16-pt.gif Portugal 2009 by Miguel Alho

16-ro.gif Romania 2009 by Andrei Neculau

16-ru.gif Russia 2009 by Ivan Bulychev

16-rs.gif Serbia 2009 by Goran Anicic

16-sg.gif Singapore 2009 by John Spencer Tan

16-sk.gif Slovakia 2009 by Uzivatel

16-sk.gif South Africa 2009 by Jason Bagley
16-sk.gif South Africa 2009 by Peter

16-es.gif Spain 2009 by Jeroen Sangers

16-se.gif Sweden 2009 by David Fredin

16-tw.gif Taiwan 2009 by yuanlin

16-gb.gif United Kingdom 2009 by (box-net download, unchecked)

16-uy.gif Uruguay 2009 via Jeroen Sangers

16-ve.gif Venezula 2009 via Jeroen Sangers



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