Podcamp Boston July 19-20

Podcamp Boston July 19-20

I’ve signed up for Podcamp Boston this-coming weekend, July 19-20. I don’t really know that much about it, but I’m sort of craving another SXSW-style experience and this sounds like it just might be it. I convinced a good friend of mine, Erin, to tag along so she can learn about the mysterious world of social media and apply it to her nascent blog over at Living Vicariously. I’m really looking forward to meeting other people in the area who are doing the same thing. The following panel titles have caught my eye:

  • Turning Buzz into Business – Christopher Penn … I feel I should know more about how business people think so I can use this with my own design practice.
  • NeoVictorian, Nobitic, and Narrative – Mark Bernstein … I have no idea what this is about, but the combination of “NeoVictorian” and “Narrative” piqued my curiosity. Maybe it is my soft spot for Jane Austen.
  • Using a live podcast to allow your readers to “become part of the conversation” – Nikki Starr … Until I can afford to travel freely around the world, telepresence may just be the way to do it in the meantime.
  • Is the 2.0 Generation Prepared to Inherit the Earth? – Alexa Scordato and Maria Thurrell … This is a fascinating idea, and as someone who is participating more in “the world”, I might pick up some hints on what I might be looking forward to.
  • All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Knitting – Guido Stein … What? I must know!!!!
  • Marketing Over Coffee with David Meerman Scott, John Wall, and Christopher Penn … I like coffee. And I like the human puzzle solving that goes behind advertising and marketing. Might be an interesting panel!
  • Audio vs. Video Podcasting: Panel Discussion – Jeff Hinz with Mignon Fogarty, Michael Gaines, Steve Garfield, Dana Hawco … I’m interesting in knowing the pros and cons of either media approach, though I think I could guess.
  • Common Audio Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them – David Fisher … This may save me some time in the future. Mostly I am hoping for software and gear recommendations ;-)
  • PR 101 – the Basics – Sharon Davis … I have a very general view of how PR works from a systems perspective (agencies, news outlets, etc), so I could use some instruction here
  • Building Your Brand Through Passion & Community – C.C. Chapman … This is TOTALLY what I want to do.
  • The Authentic Enterprise – Jacqueline Prescott … You had me at “authentic”.
  • Sustain the Fun – Business Models & You – David Cutler … I want a fun business model, one that I will find motivating AND make money to fund all the various enterprises that I think would be awesome and empowering.
  • How People & Organizations Make Decisions – Dave Wieneke … I am interested in comparing my own understanding with that of the panelists.
  • Breaking Into the Conversation, Busting the Cliques – Leslie Poston … Although I’m far less shy than I used to be, I find it difficult to bust into a conversation where I haven’t been invited. Teach me!
  • How Social Media is like High School – Adam Zand … This just sounds like it could be fun :-)

I just read that PodCamp Boston Registration ends tomorrow (July 16) at NOON, so if you’re planning on going now is the time to sign up. Looking forward to meeting some new people to possibly scheme with :-)


  1. Andre Blackman 16 years ago

    Thanks for reminding me to check out the schedule! I will be there this weekend as well, looking forward to meeting you if possible!

  2. Dave Wieneke 16 years ago

    Hi David,

    I starting to rev up for the weekend too.  I’m glad my vaguely named session caught your attention.

    My plan is to introduce an idea from cognitive theory which puts a set of forces around how people decide (and change) what they believe.  Then, to work with the audience to apply it to communications examples.

    The theory, called Lay Epistomology, was developed in the 1980’s…and is a fairly durable way for thinking about how decisions about what people believe get made. If you stop by the session, please say hi.

  3. Maria Thurrell 16 years ago

    Hi David,

    Looking forward to meeting you this weekend! PodCamp is great (this is my 3rd). Its going to be a spectacular weekend!!

    Best, Maria