Little Birds

Every once in a while I like to check out a store online called See Jane Work. I have an irrational love of paper and office supplies, and I enjoy the cheerful upbeat nature of the site. Everything is so cute! If this website were a gal, I’d marry her :-)

Today I ordered my first product, a magnetic chirping bird for holding paper clips. This is probably the least necessary thing I need in my office, but its role is more symbolic than functional. There are these little birds that I see every day at Starbucks in the morning; I believe they are some kind of common swallow. I usually sit outside if it’s not raining, taking in the morning air, and observe these birds almost every day. There’s something about the way these birds approach us that I find fascinating. They’re tiny, fluffy, and pretty cute. They’re also diligent, bold, and industrious. I realized a couple weeks ago that they do a very good job of “just being themselves”, and that I could learn a thing or two from them. I sometimes get wrapped up in thinking I should be “more professional” or “building my career”, and though I’ve definitely chosen a more non-traditional path to life-work I still get caught up in thinking about “success” and how people perceive me. Those little birds have no such pretensions, and every day they remind me that my OWN little bird inside of me needs to come out and “just be”. That realization has become one of my moral compass points.

That my moral compass point is now available in shiny magnetic bird form is just a bonus. Woot!