SXSW Video Clips

SXSW Video Clips

I have a terrible memory for names and faces, so I tried to take as many short video clips as I could to help me remember. I edited the segments together into a 14-minute video to convey my SXSW experience. Next year I may have to actually bring a real video camera instead; this was shot with my Fuji FinePix F30d compact digital camera.

The video service I’m using, Viddler, allows people to annotate the video with tags and comments at specific places in the video stream, so have at it :-) I will tag the video with names when I get a bit more time, or you can tag yourself! :-) Viddler, unlike a lot of services, also retains the quality of the video; note that the graininess of this clip is because I shot at low resolution under low-light conditions with a digital camera, so that’s my fault. The cool thing was that Viddler’s servers didn’t recompress the already bad video (like YouTube would), since I uploaded it as a Flash Video (.flv) file.

UPDATE: BTW, if you’re on this video and don’t want to be, let me know and I will re-edit. So far everyone has been very cool, thanks!


  1. Erin 16 years ago

    That was an excellent video Dave! 

    Wish I was there.  And this is an excellent way to build a feeling of community.


  2. katiecb 16 years ago

    thanks for crafting this! you really hit all the high points!

  3. Fred Schechter 16 years ago

    So cool.
    Ok, I get it,, next year in Austin!

    So Dave, what programs do you have loaded on the OLPC and all that (I may have to dig down on your site for that).  Can I still get one? (I read something about its all donations now,, arrgh!)

    Also, hmm,, maybe we all need to do something about putting our faces on our biz cards so people can find us (or remember who the heck we are).  Sure make your “remember who that was” easier.


  4. Esther 16 years ago

    I’m sad that we didn’t get to hang out much :[

    Next year?

  5. Dave Seah 16 years ago

    Erin: Thanks! I didn’t actually think about the community part, but you’re right..subconsciously I wanted to convey that feeling.

    katiecb: I wish I hadn’t run out of video when we got to the Frog Party…that band was awesome! See ya next year! :-)

    Fred: Dude, you are missing out :-) I don’t have any programs other than the defaults loaded on the XO, haven’t really played with it that much more. I’m a little irked at how sluggish it is, when the hardware should be more than capable of being responsive, but this is the cost of having a modern operating system running on 1995-level hardware.

    Esther: I’m sad also. I kept texting Zach to let him know where I was so we could meet up. Next time I’ll give you MY cell so you can tell me where you guys are.