I’m in San Jose, Again

I’m in San Jose, Again

I’m in the San Jose area, staying near The Pruneyard in Campbell. Although it’s another busy work week, I’m carving out some evening time and weekend time to hang out with people and gabber! My mobility is pretty restricted so I am thinking of just hanging out at The Pruneyard, which is walkable for me. I understand that there’s some stuff in downtown San Jose too, so I might be able to just take a cab someplace if I know where to go. I am not familiar with this area at all.

Weekday Evening Plans

For the evenings, Wednesday and Friday this week are available, so if anyone wants to hang out around 6:30PM or so and catch a bite, we can meet at The Pruneyard here in Campbell, perhaps at the Barnes and Noble Cafe (actually, I don’t know if there’s one there, but there is stuff to look at) or at The Coffee Society, since I know where that is now from the last hangout.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: I met with Pradeep and Terry from around 630PM to 900PM, and I had a good time chatting with them about a variety of subjects ranging from the ethnic experience in America, Scott McCloud’s most recent book Making Comics, our comic engineering backgrounds and how they’ve affected how we look at life, and a bit of story swapping about how we happened to get to where we are.

FRIDAY UPDATE: Looking forward to Friday’s get-together, probably somewhere in downtown San Jose by the look of things right now, with Jakob, Karen, Kai, and whoever else might want to spend a few hours of hanging out. Stay tuned for location and time.

Weekend Plans

For Saturday or Sunday, I am mostly working, but will make some time free in the afternoon, perhaps lunch to early evening on Sunday. It really depends on transportation and who’s interested. Unfortunately I can’t spend the whole day out, so there’s a 3-4 hour cap on total time. My mobility options are again limited. If this light rail option works out (it looks like it’s about a 20 minute walk from where I am) then this frees things up considerably.

SUNDAY UPDATE: I’m hoping to meet up with Fred, an industrial designer, sometime in the afternoon.

Assemble the Fleet!

Anyway, if anyone is interested in hanging out on those particular days, let me know! Looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones :-) No agenda, other than shooting the breeze, maybe collaborating on something quick and fun.

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  1. Dave Seah 16 years ago

    Wednesday Plans: Meeting Pradeep at the Barnes & Noble Cafe at 6:30PM. At 7:00PM, planning on finding something to eat nearby.

    If anyone else wants to come, you are certainly welcome. Just call my cell # at 603-566-2528.

  2. Simeon 16 years ago

    Hey Dave,

    For your friday night you might try Smoke. Its a tiki bar with amazing bbq.  Other wise if you head into downtown san jose there is E&O;Trading company, Gordon Biersch Brewery and PF Changs.

    I’d love to hook up with you while you are here.

  3. Dave Seah 16 years ago

    Simeon: The plan I’ve suggested, based on input from people from the area, is to meet at a coffee place in downtown Campbell called Orchard Valley at around 6:30PM, then figure out where to go eat then. It’s near the lite rail stop, and it is still within walking distance for me. If you happen to be around, give me a call on my cell #.