Emergent Task Planner Pre-Order Mailing List “Oopsie”

Emergent Task Planner Pre-Order Mailing List “Oopsie”

A launch isn’t a launch without some kind of hiccup, and ours was that only HALF of the mailing list was actually notified. As is the case with many Microsoft applications, a “helpful” dialog box popped up to warn about a multiple-email field, which stopped the mailing operation dead in its tracks. This dialog box was also bashful, hiding itself behind another window in embarrassment, so we didn’t even see it until we started looking into why some people were not notified just now.

So if you haven’t been notified by now, it’s for one of the following reasons:

  • We’re not shipping outside the USA yet
  • We don’t have your confirmation email
  • I was planning on emailing you directly, or will hand-deliver next time I see you
  • You canceled your order

In a way this problem makes the launch process more interesting, because it adds some color to the story :-)

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  1. Randell 17 years ago

    I just put in my order and am expecting the personal delivery.  I’m only a short drive away ;)  Congrats Dave and I can’t wait!