The Oracular Power of James Bickers’ Creativity Boosting Cards

The Oracular Power of James Bickers’ Creativity Boosting Cards

James Bicker just shot me an email telling me about his Majency Oracle Cards:

The Majency Oracle is a 169-card deck of original prompts or “matches” to spark the imagination of writers, poets, or any creative individual that needs inspiration.

As James mentions, it’s similar in spirit to Brian Eno’s famed Oblique Strategies. This one, though, is a free download…why are you still here? :-)


  1. Matthew Cornell 17 years ago

    Thanks for the pointer, David. I admit it: I love cards! I have the Creative Whack Pack, The Oblique Strategy cards, plus domain-specific ones like Extreme Programming playing cards.

    I’m also semi-working on a set for personal productivity. (Ironically, it was held up by lack of responses from card manufacturers!) More here, FYI: Personal Productivity Playing Cards!

  2. Alecska 17 years ago

    169 cards are 43 sheets of paper (as my printer allows up to 4 cards per page). So I converted the cards to contact sheets. Now there are 6×5 cards on each page and it’s 6 sheets of paper. Better green living, isn’t it ? ;)
    Eco-printable version is available as a pdf here :

    (i’m a daily reader but I think it’s my first comment. Thanks David for all the things you share with us ! )

  3. Priscilla Palmer 17 years ago

    You have been tagged for The Personal Development List.  (See my site for details), I would love for you to participate.