Final Emergent Task Planner Design

Final Emergent Task Planner Design

I’ve decided to get rid of the year, though I like it, and have replaced it with a fill-in area for the date. The reason that finally pushed me over was that I’m not actually sure how long it’s going to take to print and ship out all these forms. There are a lot of dependencies that I’m just starting to learn about, so I figured it would be safer to supply forms that would be useful for the next year. The profits from this run will go into figuring out how to handle customization of the year in future products; right now, it makes sense to just make this one a fill-in-the-blank. Not quite as pretty, but still pretty useful :-)

Here’s the final design:

The Final Design I’ll be closing pre-orders on Monday. We have well-over 100 pad orders, so now I have to worry about how to accept money and fulfillment. I’m imagining this might take me a while to work out, though thanks to other readers I am looking at Shopify and Shipwire as possibilities for ecommerce and fulfillment. I have a paypal account, of course, but I’m not too keen on using them because of all the bad press I hear about them. I still have to get over to the post office and rent a post office box, and also ask them about bulk shipping at media rates (which I should qualify for). And then there’s the whole packaging challenge too…how can I make the package cool without adding a lot of expense?

You can add your pre-order to the original post, or revise your existing one if the idea of a pad without the pre-printed year isn’t what you want. I still don’t have final cost numbers yet, but I’ll post them as soon as they’re ready. All pre-orders will get an email confirming their order amount and requesting address information. Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE: Here’s how the Pre Orders work:

You mail email me via the contact form, or leave a comment with your email address stating:

  1. How Many Pads you would Like
  2. The City / State you are ordering from

I was not thinking of taking international orders right now, but please do indicate your interest anyway. If I can handle it, I’ll do it. If I have to fill out a customs form every time I ship something overseas, then that makes it less likely.

Your pre-order is NOT a real order, but an indication of your interest. After I close pre-orders, I will have an accurate count of how many pads I can print, and can get final pricing. Then I will send an email to everyone stating what the final costs will be, plus whatever shipping ends up being, and start accepting real orders. It will likely be a few weeks before people start getting pads, but I want to get ’em out as soon as possible!