Pre-order Revision: Yearless versus Year Field on the ETP

Pre-order Revision: Yearless versus Year Field on the ETP

: About 15 percent of Emergent Task Planner preorderers have said that they would prefer a yearless version, so they don't end up with a stack of "outdated" 2007 forms.

On the other hand, this doesn't seem to have bothered the other 85% of people who have indicated that they'd buy form pads when they become available, and a few people have even said that having that "officially printed year" gives a satisfying feel to the form.

Here's a compromise solution. What do you think? I it retains most of the "officialness" while allowing us not to waste forms until 2010. By then, I'm sure we'll be doing yearly pre-printed journals, and the issue will be moot.

Compromise Comments welcome!

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