Two Emergent Task Planner User Mods

Two Emergent Task Planner User Mods

A couple of Emergent Task Planner enthusiasts asked for permission to post their modifications online. I think that’s awesome, so I’m sharing what they sent:


0615-etpexcel.jpgThis is a neat idea I hadn’t thought of doing: “Terababy” over at The Forgotten Milk has made a variation of the Emergent Task Planner in Excel format. It is a very faithful-looking rendition of the version 1.0 ETP form. I haven’t personally evaluated the excel document [in daily use] myself to see what it is capable of doing, but I’d be curious how it’s used by people.


0615-etpholder.jpgFrédéric Mikusek figured out a way of modifying the ETP to translate it into French, which is pretty awesome. I took 4 years of high school French and never really learned how to say anything, but recently my interest has been renewed because a LOT of the good cheese in the world is in France. I am stupide not to go.

Frédéric also has a cool picture of a document stand made out of an old CD-R case, using an ETP form by way of example. It’s pretty cool :-)


  1. fred 14 years ago

    Very glad you liked and post about it ! Bread, Wine and Cheese, how can you live without these ? ;-)


  2. Bob Feldman 14 years ago


    If I undersatnd you correclty, you have declared your intention to go to France to taste cheeses. Congratulations, and a warning!

    DO NOT even consider taking the trip without extensive consultation with me on this complex and critical important life-shaping issue.

    Would you, for example discover Epoisse (the village and the cheese) without personal guidance?

    Would you discover that Camembert is a village with just one municipal building which serves as both school and town hall?

    Would you know that the “route du fromage” is almost identical to the “route du cidre” in the paye d’auge, affording tasting of calvados, pear and apple cidre and true unpasteurized cheeses that we will never experience in our hermetically sealed bacteria paranoid America?

    Would you be tempted by Brebis in the Basque region, when time is better spent on the goat cheeses of Burgundy and the Macon?

    I’m afraid you need help here!

    So, when you are ready, we’ll go to work with a detailed cheese map.  Can’t do it over the next three weeks, since I’ll be… on the wine and cheese trail in Normandy and Provence!