Simulating a Company Culture

Simulating a Company Culture

As some may have guessed, I’ve been spending some time playing WoW—more importantly, I’ve been building the guild website and posting in the forums and wiki. I also had a full week of work and after-work meetings, and I ended up not blogging a whole lot at all. This week I’m hoping to restore the balance between work, socializing, and now simulated company building in WoW.

If you’re wondering where all that writing energy went, it’s gone into the guild forums, which I’ve left readable by the world so people can get an idea what’s going on. My thoughts are that the transparency of guild operations will be part of its appeal, and it’s a way in which I can start to define my philosophy of leaderership as I learn to practice it.

Some of the particularly-interesting threads, phrased in more traditional “business terms”:

  • The Company Handbook – Where the rules and ideals of our mission are taking shape.

  • Corporate Identity – The debate of how our “guild tabard”—the symbolic piece of cloth that our characters wear in-game that signify our membership—should look rages on here.

  • Career Advancement – Every guild has a number of “ranks” of achievement. When you’re first brought into the guild, you start at the lowest rank and can work your way up. I’ve designed it to reward behavior that is of benefit to the guild, and have started establishing the public feedback mechanisms that make advancement “real”.


p>On a side note, I built the guild website on Expression Engine Personal + Forum module ($149) so I could finally learn it, and I have to say I like it a lot. It’s taking some time to get used to, and I haven’t yet customized the appearance of the site or fixed navigational issues, but overall it’s pretty cool. The forum module is pretty darn nice, with membership management integrated with the wiki and blog modules. This is the first wiki I’ve come across that actually has a decent Markdown Extra Plugin that works seamlessly; once I tweaked the Wiki CSS slightly, it produces very readable output.

I’m finishing up some photography of some of the myndology notebook samples that the company generously provided, so I will likely have that up after I finish some work this week. And Groundhog Resolution Review Day #4 is coming up on June 6th (here’s what I wrote in GHDRR #3)…yikes!