Ok, I’m Inspired! Now What?

Ok, I’m Inspired! Now What?

I spent most of this weekend vegging out and reconnecting with local people who I haven’t seen for a week, but it’s time to face the coming week head-on!


I feel I’m lacking clarity in what I should do. I am starting to think, though, that may be a matter of having the courage to pick just one thing and do it. And by “one thing” that, I’m not talking about finding the mission…I’m really just talking about starting a project and willfully ignoring all those other things that seem so pressing. Can’t get them done all at the same time, after all.

Perhaps focus isn’t about willfulness, power, and character after all. It might just be putting on blinders of productivity on the sides of your head so you aren’t distracted, so you get from point A to point B without freaking out.

Thoughts? Experiences? Is this a crazy idea?