Local Flavor

Several years ago I stumbled upon Gothamist, which is a city blog written by locals covering New York City. I really liked the local color of the reporting, and of course there’s writeups about interesting food; this writeup of by Jen Chung about how she ran into Jeffrey Steingarten at a BBQ event is a good example. It’s since grown into a urban blog network covering many major cities, Austinist being one of them. When I get home, I should check out Bostonist again to see if it’s gotten livelier; when it first launched, it was a bit understaffed on the writing side I thought.

Anyway, I’m in Austin and I’m hungry, so I searched Austinist for recommendations and got last year’s SXSW Chowdown Guide. Just what I needed. Now I have a purpose for getting out of the hotel room.

Today’s Itinerary

  • Kill time until around noon, when I head over to the Austin Convention Center to get registered. Maybe explore the area a bit. Study the bus routes. Do some more research on places to go and see.

  • Noonish – head over to the convention center, check out the Interactive Playpen,

  • 630PM – New England Dinner with Ian, Kelley, and maybe more, so we can start to form our first day scooby gang alliances. A quick cab ride!

  • 830PM – Then I want to check out the BlogHer Meetup because I like the whole idea of empowerment that pervades the organization, and would like to talk to people about what it means to be a part of it. There’s something very similar to what they do and what I want to do, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.


p>Of course, all bets are off if I collide with anyone I know and get steered elsewhere…this seemed to happen a lot last year, and it was kind of neat to just go with the flow. We’ll see how that goes.